Industry Leading Pest Control Services In Freehold, NJ

Arrow Pest Control is a second generation family-owned and operated pest control company that has been protecting New Jersey properties for more than four decades. We are a quality focused pest control company that uses industry leading practices and tools to protect people and property from pests and the risks associated with them.  Don’t let your Freehold Township home or business become infested with roaches, mice, and other pests; contact Arrow for freedom from insects and rodents!

Active Pests In Freehold, NJ

Home Pest Control In Freehold, NJ

Don’t trust your home’s pest protection to just anyone. Partner with the best control company in New Jersey, partner with Arrow Pest Control. If your home has been taken over by antshouse spiders, and other common house-infesting pests in New Jersey, Arrow’s Home Protection Program is the ideal solution. An affordable plan, starting at $35/month, our HPP includes year-round protection, exterior treatments and interior if necessary, and pest control services that are backed by the Arrow Promise – if covered pests come back in between services, we’ll return to re-treat at no charge to you.

Home Protection Program

Service consists of the elimination of your current pest or rodent problem, complemented by both interior and exterior year-round protection of your home, which is inclusive of three seasonal visits. The program covers your entire property including attics, mailboxes, playsets, sheds, and fences.

Pests targeted with Arrow’s Home Protection Plan services include ants (excluding carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and acrobatic), bees, boxelder bugs, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, centipedes, cicada killers, clover mites, crickets, digger bees, earwigs, fabric & paper pests, fleas (inside only), ground beetles, hornets, mice, pillbugs, millipedes, rats, roaches, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders, springtails, stored product pests, and wasps.

*If you have a pool house that requires service, pricing would increase based upon the size of the structure.
The Arrow Promise

Freehold, NJ Stink Bug Removal

Stink bugs really do stink…in more ways than one.  Literally these fall pests give off an odor that may be offensive to your nose and they have a tendency to infest homes in the fall by the hundreds.  At Arrow Pest Control, we offer stink bug removal in Freehold and throughout Monmouth County that stop these shield-shaped bugs from invading homes. 

Treatments are typically scheduled from August through November and are focused on the exterior of the house. What’s more, while an Arrow pest control technician is at your home treating for stink bugs, he will perform exclusion work as well.  Simply put, that means any potential entry point (accessible to the technician and within his capabilities) will be sealed off preventing stink bugs and other fall pests from sneaking inside. 

Don’t wait until you see stink bugs on your property, contact Arrow Pest Control to schedule your stink bug control service in Freehold  today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Freehold, NJ

At Arrow Pest Control we are experienced commercial pest control experts that protect commercial and industrial facilities from insect and rodent infestations. Our fully-licensed pest control professionals are highly trained and continue to receive ongoing education in order to deliver the best commercial pest control services in Freehold, Clarksburg, and communities throughout Monmouth County. When you partner with Arrow Pest Control, you can expect:

  • Thorough interior and exterior inspections completed in order to create a pest threat analysis.
  • Comprehensive evaluations of pest trends, inspection findings, and other relevant information that allows us to develop a plan of action.
  • Ongoing treatments designed specifically for your facility and your pest pressures and adhere to our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies. 
  • Documentation and reporting that explains exactly what our team is doing in and around your facility including what pests we find and where we find them, the materials we use, and any recommendations we have for your management team and employees. 

When you choose Arrow as your commercial pest management provider, you’ll receive five-star service that exceeds your company’s expectations and that meets your industry’s regulations, no matter how strict. 

Termite Control In Freehold, NJ

Termites in Freehold, New Jersey are constantly working. They don’t take weekends off; they don’t even call it quits at 5pm. Instead they work around the clock consuming wood and wood by-products.  Unfortunately, that could be a load-bearing wall, drywall, and floorboards as well as other materials in and around the structure. If left alone to do what they do best, termites will cause extensive damage that isn’t usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. 

To get rid of termites or to prevent termite activity in or around your home or building, choose the local NJ pest control pros who have been eradicating termites in Freehold for over four decades. Sign up for Arrow’s termite control services and we’ll defend your home from destructive termites using America’s number one termite defense product, Termidor®.

Contact us today to schedule your FREE termite inspection or to learn more about our termite protection in Freehold. Make sure you ask us about our one-year termite warranty against re-infestation!

Freehold, NJ Bed Bug Extermination 

If you’ve discovered bed bugs in your home or business, contact Arrow Pest Control right away! We’ll perform a visual inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs and determine the severity of the infestation if there is a bed bug problem.  Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a treatment program, which typically includes:

  • An initial bed bug treatment that may use physical, chemical, and thermal means to get rid of these biting pests.
  • Two follow-up services spread out over six weeks to ensure bed bugs have been killed. 

In addition to our effective bed bug removal services in Freehold, we also offer tools to help prevent bed bugs including mattress encasements, climb ups, and more. 

Pest Control Jobs In Freehold, New Jersey

Looking for a rewarding occupation in an ever-expanding industry? A profession in pest control may be right for you! This robust field is looking for dynamic, committed and positive individuals to join the workforce. Working for a pest control company covers a wide-range of interests including business, customer service and science; making it an ideal profession for many people. Whether you’re looking for a trade as a licensed pest control technician, a future in pest control provides many opportunities for personal and professional growth.